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Google News has updated its privacy policy to explain how it uses and protects personal data in Australia.

The policy outlines the ways Google uses and collects data in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

The new policy was put in place to address privacy concerns about the US-based company’s US-registered Google Plus account.

The Google News privacy policy outlines how Google uses data on users across all of its platforms including Google Plus and Google Search, as well as its own web, mobile and desktop services, as a part of its mission to provide the world’s information and commerce experiences.

Google said the new policy would also help users understand the way it uses data, including the kinds of personal information that it collects about users.

“Google Plus data may be used in ways that we consider appropriate to the purpose for which it is used,” the Google Privacy Policy said.

“This includes, for example, in the context of marketing or to provide targeted advertising, in order to understand user behaviour and behavior trends, or in order for us to serve targeted advertising in a variety of other ways.”

It’s a change that Google is hoping will help it better understand what kinds of data it collects from its users, and to better manage it.

“We’ve had a number of privacy policy updates recently, and we wanted to provide you with a summary of what’s changed over the last year,” Google spokeswoman Ashley Mancuso told News Corp Australia.

“As you may know, Google Plus users are asked to disclose the information that they are sharing with Google on a daily basis.”

Ms Mancusa said Google also asked users for permission to disclose information about how they use their Google Plus accounts.

“There are a number things that we ask for from users on Google Plus,” she said.

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