The first sex change surgery is going ahead for women

Woman’s Health magazine has revealed the first female surgery to be carried out on female genitalia.

The magazine reported on the treatment of a 26-year-old woman from Pakistan who underwent a male genital reconstruction, which was performed on Tuesday in London.

It is a first in the world.

She was one of the first to be treated in a private clinic in the UK.

“This is a groundbreaking procedure and it has a huge impact on a woman’s health.

We have seen the health benefits in the last five years.

There’s a lot more women coming forward and it is great to see this being treated as an option for women,” the magazine said.

The woman, who is referred to only as Ms A, said she wanted to become a mother.

She said: “I have always wanted to have a baby.

I want to have an heir and to have the same role that my father had.”

Ms A’s surgery was carried out by Dr Mohammad Razaq in the University Hospital of London.

“We were hoping to do it at home, but there was not enough time to get permission for that,” she said.

“I did it on the phone to the doctor who performed the operation, who then gave me an ultimatum: either I wanted to go into the hospital or they would not let me have the operation.”

“We wanted to be able to have it done in a safe and private setting, so it was quite difficult to leave my home without being monitored.”

There are many problems with the procedure, such as scarring and infections.

It was really traumatic.

“She said she felt as if she was going through the motions and it was a great relief to have her operation done at home.”

It is the first time that it’s been done in England, so hopefully it will spread throughout the country,” she added.”

In the future, it will be available to everyone.

“A similar procedure has been performed in the US.

In a recent survey of female doctors, doctors reported that male genital surgeries were more popular than female ones.