What India is doing for veterans

The government is spending Rs.1.35 lakh crore to create new hospitals, new surgical centres and health facilities across the country.

“This is part of our commitment to support the health of our brave men and women in uniform,” Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said.

The government will also create five new hospitals for the wounded and rehabilitation centres for the sick.

At present, there are only two hospitals for military personnel in Delhi.

Veterans will also have a free choice of four rehabilitation centres and four surgeries for any health condition.

According to the government, the new facilities will include free hospitalisation, 24-hour care, dental care, physiotherapy, a 24-hours rehabilitation facility and an orthopedic hospital.

To promote their service to the nation, the government has also started to promote awareness among the general public of the services provided by the Indian National Defence Forces (INDF).

The Government has also made it mandatory for all citizens who have served in the army, navy or air force to register with the INDF and get a passport.

All the other services that have been provided by INDF are under a national strategy to strengthen our country and strengthen our people,” Kejriwal said, while addressing the press conference.

The Delhi Chief Minister said the government is committed to providing all services to our people in the most dignified manner and that it is a big step to ensure that all citizens feel safe and protected.

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