Gov. Bob McDonnell says no state money will go toward ObamaCare rationing in Maryland

By MARK FULTONCBS NEWSAUGUST 26, 2017–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Maryland Governor Bob McDonnell said today he’s not in favor of the state’s budget cutting the cost of coverage for those who get Medicaid.

McDonnell made the comment in a phone interview with CBS2’s Mark Fulton.

He said Maryland will not provide money to cover the cost for those people who are being denied coverage, but said the state will look to make sure those people get the care they need.

He also said Maryland is not going to reduce Medicaid reimbursements for those with preexisting conditions or those who can’t pay for care.

“That means we’re not going after people with preeXisting conditions and those who cannot pay,” McDonnell said.

“We’re not doing that.

It’s going to be a different kind of system, and we’re going to make some changes to how that’s done.”

He also defended the state budget’s proposal to reduce the cost-sharing portion of Medicaid by an additional $5.5 billion over five years.

“We’re going, in the end, to get it right, but it’s going be an investment.

That’s why we’re doing it.

That investment will be paid for by the taxpayers of Maryland,” McDonnell told Fulley.”

And it’s not going away,” McDonnell added.

“It’s going away because I believe we should not be trying to fix something that doesn’t work.”

The governor was asked what he would say to anyone who thinks he’s being too tough on people who can afford insurance.

“I’m not going there.

I don’t care what people say.

I’m not being tough on anybody.

I think the best way to go is with the people who need help, and the ones that are in need of help.

And that’s the same way that I think it’s best for people who have no insurance to come out to the marketplace and get it.

And if we can do that, then I think that’s a good thing,” McDonnell responded.”

If we have a system that works, then we will get it done, and that’s what we’re working towards.

But the first thing is to get a system in place so people don’t have to go out and get insurance to get the same care that they need.”