McConnell: I’m not going to hold Senate vote on ObamaCare repeal bill

A Republican senator is calling for a vote on a repeal of the health care law that the Senate passed last month.

Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona said Tuesday that he’s not going the Senate’s route to repeal the Affordable Care Act and is instead looking to the House to pass a bill.

The Senate voted Monday to move ahead with a bill to repeal and replace the law, but it was never considered by the House.

“The Senate bill does not repeal and does not replace Obamacare, so the time for a conference committee on the bill has not come,” McCain told reporters in an interview with CNN.

McCain also said he wants to work with House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, to pass legislation to fix the troubled health care system, but he wouldn’t commit to holding a vote.

“I will not vote to move forward with legislation until we have a better bill,” McCain said.

“That has to be done by a conference.”

Ryan said Monday that he expects to work out a replacement plan for the Affordable Health Care Act in the coming weeks.

But McCain said that if the House doesn’t pass a replacement, then the Senate will have to do it for him.

“So the answer is to move on and let the Senate take care of it.

It’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen.

It is a matter, when it does, when and where,” McCain stated.