Anonymous hacks government contractor’s site

Hacker News article Hacker news article Hacker, a hacking collective, claimed responsibility for a breach of the Department of Health and Human Services website on Friday.

The attack targeted a government contractor named Jason Scott, who has worked for the agency for six years, according to a statement posted to Twitter.

The statement said the hack was carried out by Anonymous, a hacker collective that has been active in recent years and was known to hack targets in the past.

Anonymous said it targeted the department for an unspecified number of days because of Scott’s ongoing employment with the federal agency.

“We hope that we can use the time to work out some solutions to address issues that have arisen in the department,” the statement said.

Anonymous had previously posted on social media that it had obtained sensitive information from Scott, including information about his security clearance and his personal finances.

It also claimed responsibility in a tweet for another attack that it said was carried to “disrupt the federal government’s plan to release taxpayer funds to private security contractors.”

Scott had previously been an employee of the Federal Aviation Administration.

A government spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Scott is the first person to be named as the hacker responsible for the breach of a federal agency website.

A Twitter account linked to the hacker group tweeted the statement that it claimed to have taken part in.

“The hack was planned and carried out to disrupt the federal Government’s plan for releasing taxpayer funds, which are being used for private security work by contractors for the federal and local government,” the tweet said.