How to get the most out of your sex toy with our guide

A new guide to getting the most of your vibrator and sex toy has been released by Erotic Art, and it’s all about sex.

The guide, which comes with all the tools you need to start using your new toy and getting the best from it, is called “Sexy, Sexy, Sexy.”

While the title makes it sound like it’s a sex toy guide, the guide focuses on how to use your vibrating sex toy in the most fun and natural way possible, with all of the materials and toys that you need for maximum pleasure and comfort.

The tool includes a set of instructions for making your first vibrator or sex toy, along with detailed instructions for how to make your second vibrator, which is meant to be the ultimate in sex toys.

EroticArt’s new guide is available for $49.99 at the retailer’s website, but it’s currently only available for the US and Canada.