‘Healthcare Industry Is Being Killed’ As New York Seeks To Save Its Own, ‘The Healthcare Industry Is Going Down The Drain’

Health Care Industry Association President David S. Greenfield said Tuesday that the public health system is under a sustained attack by a group of CEOs who are trying to take away the public’s health care system, including by threatening to sue the nation’s largest employers.

In an interview with CBS New York, Mr. Greenstein said he was disturbed that some of the companies he represents, including pharmaceutical companies, had threatened to sue.

“We’re going to take our business elsewhere,” Mr. Trump told CBS News.

“They have to do something, or they’re going nowhere.”

Mr. Greenspan said he does not agree with the president’s approach.

“I think the president is right in his view that if we don’t do something about the pharmaceutical industry, we’re going down the drain,” Mr, Greenspan told CBS New york.

“The industry is being killed.

And you can’t stop the industry.

And we’re the people that are going to fight back.”

The president’s threats to sue are the latest in a series of recent moves by the administration to punish the nation´s largest employers for refusing to pay for the Affordable Care Act.

The president has threatened to cut the salaries of at least 12,000 workers and threatened to withhold federal subsidies that would allow many Americans to afford private insurance.

But the White House has also said it is not prepared to pursue lawsuits against the private companies.

The federal government is facing a $1.6 trillion deficit.

Mr. Sánchez said Mr. President was “in a situation that is not only not a viable option for the American people, but a very serious problem for the country.”

He said Mr Trump’s actions have resulted in the loss of more than $1 trillion in revenue to the federal government over the past five years.

Mr Sánchelz, who also serves on the board of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, said the health care industry needs to focus on improving its own performance, rather than threatening to strike against its competitors.

He said the public should not be distracted by the threats and actions of the President.

“If they want to go to court, that’s their prerogative.

We have to look at the facts and figure out how to do better,” Mr Sáchez told CBS.

“But if they’re threatening to take your jobs, you can bet that they’re serious about it.”

Mr Sanchesz said the administration has been able to “succeed in some of its own goals” but that the country is facing an unprecedented level of health care costs and a long-term fiscal crisis.

“This is the beginning of a long, difficult and costly recovery, and the country needs to understand that,” Mr Trump said.