‘We’re all in it together’: How Cobra Health care workers have created a community around their job

Cobra Health Care workers are using their skills and expertise to support patients in urgent care.

Here’s what it’s like to work with them.1.

The staff have to be dedicated to their jobsIt’s a tough job to get to know Cobra Health workers.

They work for the state’s Department of Health and are expected to be patient care professionals, but it can be a lonely and sometimes lonely job, with only a handful of other workers to share it with.

They are there to support people with complex medical problems, to treat them and to look after their wellbeing.

“We all have a job,” says one.

“We have to stay focused on what we do.”

They all come from different backgrounds, including nurses, nurses, and pharmacists.

It can be challenging for a person who has never worked as a nurse to find a way to work alongside them.

“They’re very caring and they’re very helpful,” says a nurse.2.

They are responsible for peopleThey are the primary care team, responsible for treating people and helping them get better.

They often take the time to take a look at their patients’ symptoms and see how they are progressing.

It’s a challenging job, but the team is well-organised, and their focus is always on their patients.3.

They have to make sure patients are wellNurses and pharmacist nurses are expected in urgent medical care for patients with respiratory or circulatory conditions.

This includes patients who have been in the hospital for a while and who are experiencing symptoms such as fever, muscle spasms, or headaches.

They also need to be able to take time to listen to their patients and understand their needs.

“It’s very important that they are all taking the time that they need,” says nurse.

“There is no point if they are not, so we have to have that trust in each other.”4.

They can be patient centredMany Cobra Health staff are patient centre nurses, which means they are there for patients at all times, whether it is when they are in the ambulance or in the ED.

They help patients who need help and help others, even if they have no training.

They know the importance of patient care, and how to communicate with their patients if they need to.5.

They do what they do wellThe work is highly individualised.

They all have different skills and abilities, and they all get to work together to make a difference.

“I am passionate about this job,” explains nurse.

They like to have a good time and are very supportive, but they are also responsible for their patients when they need it.6.

They care for themselvesAs well as patients, Cobra Health have a great carers’ network to help them care for their own health.

They share information, advice and referrals between each other, which helps make sure they are doing what they can to support their patients as they progress.7.

They aren’t forced to do what’s expectedThey can have their own jobs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a carers job, says nurse, who works with patients at home.

“The nurses know how to work in a team,” she says.

“So, we can be very flexible.

They may do their own job.”8.

They respect the communityThere is a sense of community around Cobra Health, as well as being a place where nurses and pharmacicians can feel comfortable and at home together.

“Cobra is a caring, friendly place,” says nursing.

“Everyone can come and go.”

The staff work in groups, and when they get together, they all come together and discuss their work.9.

They understand the importance and importance of teamworkCommunity is important to them, says nursing, because they work with patients in their own way.

“When you are in a room with other people, you can hear things that you didn’t know, you know what they are feeling.

They really want to know,” she explains.”

When you work with people, it’s important that you have the confidence to speak up.

They listen and listen to you.”

I think we all have our own opinions and we have different opinions, and that’s okay.

That’s how we live and that is how we get through.”10.

They give their allIn their own time, nurses and pharmists also put in extra hours to help out, so that their patients get the best care they can.

“That’s what they love doing.”11. “

In their personal time, they also do their best for their clients,” says pharmacist.

“That’s what they love doing.”11.

They’re committed to their colleaguesWhen they arrive at the hospital, they are greeted by the staff in uniform and by a nurse who takes the time for them to introduce themselves.