What to know about the latest measles outbreak

A California man who went on a five-day road trip from Oregon to California in a bid to test positive for measles in Washington state, and who then traveled to New York and New Jersey, has been charged with the new disease.

Christiana Wade, 27, from New Mexico, was indicted Friday on two counts of interstate transportation of persons for an infectious disease, a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

Wade, who was previously charged in California with driving under the influence, is scheduled to appear in court Friday in San Francisco.

The Associated Press reported that he had been in custody at a San Francisco jail on Friday.

Wading, a registered nurse, was last seen at her home in the Seattle suburb of Bellingham on Saturday.

She was not expected to make a court appearance.

Authorities in California, New York, New Jersey and New York City say they are investigating the outbreak of measles, which began Oct. 2 at Disneyland in California and spread to a number of U.S. resorts, hospitals and schools.