HHS: U.S. to pay for health care of 2,500 health care staff

HHS is asking Congress to fund two of its largest health care programs to help workers cover the costs of care, including health insurance, on a temporary basis.

The request to Congress came as the Obama administration sought to avoid a government shutdown as it tries to implement a sweeping healthcare overhaul.

The request includes $30 million to hire 2,600 additional workers and $4 million for expanded coverage for the roughly 2,000 employees at the U.N. and other agencies that administer the health care program.

The U.K. Health Service has about 1,400 staff at its hospitals in the United Kingdom.

It also employs about 1.8 million people, including about 800 in the U., who receive its health insurance.

The new health care proposal would also provide up to $20 million in additional funding for the United Nations and other health programs, according to the HHS Office of Management and Budget.