Which hospitals are the safest in the United States?

The health care system is a big part of our lives and, as a nation, we have to do better than this.

The rankings are based on how safe a hospital is relative to other hospitals in its geographic area.

This is not a comprehensive list, but it gives a sense of the best and worst hospitals in the country.

The ranking is based on the number of confirmed cases per 100,000 residents and the number and type of medical emergencies treated in each hospital.

There are also certain characteristics that the rankings consider, such as the level of patient safety, the quality of care and the patient safety record.

If a hospital’s ranking is not 100 percent accurate, the ranking is likely off by a few points.

For example, if a hospital was ranked in the bottom 10 percent of all hospitals in one location, the hospital might have a lower ranking than another location that had the same rank.

If this were the case, the rankings would be slightly more accurate.

As of January 2018, the National Association of State and Territorial Health Officers reported that more than 90 percent of U.S. hospitals are safe for patients.