Health care heroes: The most influential health care leaders, ranked

The most prominent and influential health leaders are the ones who bring people together in communities across the country to help with common problems, said Dr. Susan Brown, president and CEO of the Association of Public Health Professionals.

They are:Dr. Jennifer Brown, co-chair of the Public Health Leaders Initiative for the Association, said in a statement, “Health care is a great way to create and sustain communities and improve our health outcomes.

It is a critical link in the healthcare system, which is the foundation for the quality of life for all of us.

We can all be grateful that the members of our community care community health system, and the public health professionals that serve them, are making a difference for us all.”

Brown said her group has received over 5,000 nominations for the annual public health leaders awards.

“We hope to see more nominations this year, but we have no immediate plans to make any announcements.”

Brown added, “There is so much more to be done.

In our view, the public has a right to know the most influential public health experts in their communities and the resources they use to address issues of greatest concern.”

Brown pointed to a growing number of research projects and partnerships between public health and health care organizations.

“These partnerships are being increasingly recognized and have a real impact on people’s health and well-being,” she said.

Brown added that in addition to the Public Leadership Initiative, the association has also been awarded the Public Care Heroes Award, which recognizes people who have helped make the nation’s public health system a “great place to live.”

The award, which was presented in February, recognizes people whose efforts have contributed to the public good and has the power to transform communities.

“This is an opportunity to show that there is more than one way to lead,” Brown said.

“It is not about making money.

It’s about being a positive force in our communities.

It also is about making a real difference in the lives of our people.”